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VERGER Global Private Limited and VERGER Quality and Standardization L.L.C. are part of VERGER Group. VERGER Global is an official NABCB (National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies) and a SASO-notified Certification body. We are an ISO-17065 accredited Conformity Assessment body serving in the Middle East and North Africa. We also serve customers globally as an ISO-17020-accredited Inspection Body.


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SASO/SABER Certificate

SASO has launched the Saudi Product Safety Program, also known as SALEEM. This initiative ensures that products meet Saudi standards, making it a critical requirement for ensuring product quality and customs clearance.


Water Efficiency Labelling

Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) has begun enforcement of “Technical Regulation for Water Rationalization Tools” and a SASO Water Efficiency Labelling program for.....


SASO IECEE Recognition

To ensure compliance with Saudi standards and product quality, the SASO IECEE certificate issued by Saudi SASO is based on a valid CB Test report and technical documents.


Inspection & Auditing

Inspection & Auditing Certificate (EER certification) - Verger Group helps to obtain SASO ... Confirm that your products meet SASO requirements and standards.



Audits involve methodical reviews to ensure compliance with standards. A SASO certificate confirms that imported goods meet Saudi safety and quality standards.



A Product Certificate of Conformity (PCOC) is a document that certifies that a specific product meets established quality and safety standards. A Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC) is a document that certifies that a product shipment meets the required quality and safety standards during transportation and importation.


Energy Efficiency Rating

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has announced new Energy Efficiency Labeling Regulations for certain electrical and electronic (EE) products.


What Do We Do?

VERGER Group has helped 2000+ importers mitigate any risks to the safety and quality of the products to be imported. With its high-class, professional, and trained team, we are a SASO-notified certification body, ISO-17020 accredited Inspection Body globally. We ensure your product is risk-free and its quality and safety standards are at par with the technical regulations SASO sets.

VERGER Group is an official NABCB and an ISO-17065 accredited Certification Assessment Body. We are also a SASO notified Certification Body. We issue certificates that are mandatory for regulated products imported to Saudi Arabia. The list of certificates includes the following-

  • Product Certificate of Conformity
  • Shipment Certificate of Conformity
  • SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate
  • Water Efficiency Certificate

VERGER Group is an ISO-17020 notified Inspection body serving clients globally. We cover various inspection services to ensure the safety and quality of the products.

Our highly qualified auditors work from the ground level and focus on quality audit services. VERGER Group holds expertise in handling various audit services. Some of them are-

  • Factory Audit
  • Social Compliance Audit
  • Structural Audit
  • Environmental Audit
  • Food Supplier Audit


Established in 2020, VERGER Quality & Standardization L.L.C. is an ISO 17065 accredited Conformity Assessment Body and a SASO notified body in Middle East & North African region and planning to expand its wings to other markets as well. VERGER has its on-ground presence in two countries with headquarter in Dubai,UAE and branch office in India. We are in-line to soon have our presence in Hong Kong and Italy.


The Verger Way

The VERGER way drives us as an organization and sets us apart. This is the anthem we sing together that inspires and guides us to give quality service to our customers.

Quality Control

VERGER Group excels in delivering quality tests and factory audits. We ensure your product passes all major checkpoints and is at par with the safety and quality standards SASO sets. Our inspection team works day in and day out on-site to give the best possible services.

Conformity Assessment

We are an ISO-17065 Conformity Assessment Body authorized and notified by SASO to issue a Certificate of Conformity to products imported to Saudi Arabia. As a Conformity Assessment body, we validate and verify products against technical regulations set by SASO.

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Top and fresh updates from our business and clients around the word in first class the industry standards


Top and fresh updates from our business and clients around the word in first class the industry standards

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