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Do I need SASO certificate?

The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organisation (SASO) is the authority behind smoothly facilitating trade and commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SASO initiated the Saudi Product Safety Program by the name “SALEEM.” As the name suggests – the program is meant to facilitate safe, secure, smooth, and quality import/export within Saudi Arabia. This program plays a critical role…

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factory audit

Types of Factory Audit and their Benefits in Import/Export

Factory Audit is one quality control mechanism that gives the importer a sense of trust for the vendor or supplier he is working with. The core reason behind conducting a factory audit is to ensure that the manufacturing unit and the manufacturer can be trusted with the extensive supplies and the products' quality and safety. Supply chains are diversifying, and…

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All about SASO Energy Efficiency Label for Import/Export to Saudi Arabia

Energy efficiency or energy rationalization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major talk on the table. The Saudi Energy Efficiency Centre was established in 2010 to rationalize and increase energy efficiency in production and consumption to enhance KSA's economic and social structure and preserve its natural resources. Diversification of energy resources and their preservation, preservation of natural resources,…

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SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate

Relevance of SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate in Saudi Arabia

As a business owner running a business in the import/export industry, one must be aware of the SASO Certificate of Conformity- which includes two basic Certificate of Conformity- Product Certificate of Conformity and Shipment Certificate of Conformity. These two certificates are mandatory for products imported to Saudi Arabia. A Certificate of Conformity is testimony to the product's compliance with international…

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Pre-Shipment Inspection Checklist

Pre-Shipment Inspection Checklist for Exporters/Importers to Follow

As an importer/exporter, running business smoothly across cities, states, and country borders without any delivery delays and quality-related hurdles is a dream for many. Pre-Shipment Inspection plays an essential part in the quality control mechanism and helps to keep a strict check on the quality and safety standards of the shipment. One can only sometimes be on-sight for supervision when…

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used car inspection

A Simple Guide to Used Car Inspection

Buying a second-hand car is usually considered light on the pocket, but it is also like buying someone else's problems. As a buyer, you must be completely aware of the pros and cons of the car you decide to buy second-hand and understand the tips and tricks to grab a good deal. While a used car costs less than a…

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Everything you need to know about SABER

As an importer in Saudi Arabia, one must keep his eyes and ears open to track all the information on trade and commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To ensure each import arriving in Saudi Arabia clears customs seamlessly, one must be actively involved in understanding the technical regulations set by the Saudi Standards of Metrology and Quality Organisation…

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Pre-Production Inspection- The Ultimate Guide Before Mass-Production

Pre-Production Inspection- The Ultimate Guide Before Mass-Production

Once mass production begins at a factory, determining if the materials used are per quality and specifications as asked or examining if the production line is set up with the right equipment and the production processes are placed as per the set standards and regulations becomes a task. This is when a Pre-Production Inspection can help suppliers and buyers save…

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loading inspection

What Inspection Should Be Done When Unloading Starts?

In this era of globalization, industries and businesses have reached global markets. National boundaries are no more a big concern, and governments are making every effort to facilitate smooth and effective trade across countries. There has never been a better time to increase the vendor base and connect with suppliers from different destinations. Businesses and industries have acquired international clients…

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