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During Production Inspection (DPI)

Looking for a During Production Inspection Service?

A During Production Inspection is done by inspectors from VERGER when around 20-70% of the manufacturing is complete. The inspection’s motto is to ensure the manufactured products par excellence and on point with the requirements and specifications. This service is ideal for large shipping consignments with supply chains that run continuously and where the deliveries are under strict deadlines.

VERGER Group is a NABCB-assessed and ISO-17020 accredited Inspection Body authorized to handle During Production Inspection for your products. We will check for any supply chain malfunctions or deviations in the requirement specifications related to the final product delivery and send a comprehensive report with photographs to you and the supplier with corrective action plans. Our During Production Inspection service is top-notch, with our inspectors trained for on-site projects.

Understanding During Production Inspection with VERGER

A During Production Inspection is a quality control mechanism to ensure the supply chain is not faulty, and the manufacturing ethics are per the specifications set by the importer. When you choose VERGER for your products during production inspection, you can expect the following two things to happen every day –

  • We monitor the production line every day. Any significant, minor, or critical defects or faults in the supply chain are thoroughly evaluated, and everyday findings based on the tests undertaken are documented.
  • After about 30% of the manufacturing is completed, we randomly pick samples for inspection. Factors relevant and specific to your requirements are the focus of testing and evaluating the products. The products we sample are both semi-manufactured and completed. Our inspector runs a rigorous testing procedure on the items to verify their compliance with the set guidelines.

During Production, Inspection is an efficient way to determine errors in the preliminary manufacturing stages. This, in turn, saves any additional costs on fixing the quality of the raw materials or the supply chain and helps in keeping the manufacturing process timely.

During the Production Inspection Checklist with VERGER

VERGER Group performs a thorough, extensive, and technical during production inspection. Our team reaches the on-site location on time after a formal discussion with the factory’s management. There is a pre-decided process that our team works on. Our inspection checklist includes the following –

  • Checking production status– Our team checks the quantity of semi-finished, finished, and packed products. The estimated time for the completion of manufacturing is discussed and documented. The capacity of the supply chain to manufacture the ordered goods is examined.
  • Checking product specifications– We check products on various parameters like their dimensions (length, width, height, weight, etc.), quality of the raw material used, and the final product, style, construction, color, etc.
  • Checking workmanship– The semi-finished and finished items are inspected for their consistency in design patterns and colors. The products’ appearance, overall feel, and critical design requirements are tested.
  • Packaging checks– Unit packing, outer and inner packing, carton dimensions and weights, barcodes and labels, packaging materials, etc., are inspected.
  • Supply chain verification- The production line is tested and checked for any faults when running.

Advantages of getting During Production Inspection service from VERGER

    • We provide flexible, extensive, and speedy inspection services.
    • Our inspectors are highly professional in dealing with on-site inspection projects.
    • We deliver during-production inspection services globally.
    • We ensure your products comply with the guidelines and requirements set for you.
    • We do separate independent tests on the supply chain and products for the best outcomes.
    • Our inspectors write a comprehensive, on-point report highlighting all the test procedures, their results, and photographs of the inspection steps.Let us look at some advantages of having your products inspected during the production run by VERGER-

    VERGER Group provides regular inspections, performance verification, functional testing, and preventive failure analyses to help you maximize productivity, reduce costly downtime, and meet all regulatory requirements.

    Please send us a request today for all the information on our inspection services!


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