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During Production Inspection (DPI)

During Production Inspection (DPI):-

During Production Inspection (DPI), also known as In-Process Inspection, is performed when at least 10% of an order is Completed. It can detect problems earlier in the manufacturing process, giving more time for rework and correction. It also allows you to monitor whether the production process is running on time.

inspectors perform physical inspections on a randomly selected sample of manufactured goods using the ISO 2859-1 statistical sampling procedure (ANSI/AV Z1.4). Because VERGER comprehensive standard checklists are customised to focus on what is important for you and your individual product specifications, each inspection is unique. The checklists for During Production Inspection provide a comprehensive classification of defects and on-site tests based on international standards (EU, USA, AU and more).

The Advantages of DPI Inspection

  • Identify the source of the nonconformity and recommend corrective and preventive actions.
  • If the factorys clarification is acceptable, make the necessary corrections to the findings.
  • If necessary, create a production sample or item (including a defect or testing sample).
  • If necessary, defect photos and reference photos will be taken for the applicants records.

Inspection items typically include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Status of production and storage conditions
  • Order and sample tracking
  • Product description, design, and colour
  • Product availability
  • Build quality
  • Data measurement and verification
  • Packaging design
  • If available, a shipping label

How Verger will help?

  • VERGER provides regular inspections, performance verification and preventive failure analyses to help you maximise productivity, reduce costly downtime and meet regulatory requirements.


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