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Energy Efficiency Rating

SASO Energy Efficiency Rating Certificate Provider

New Energy Efficiency Labeling Regulations have been introduced for various electrical and electronic (EE) items, and they were released by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO). Before entering the Saudi Arabian market, manufacturers and importers must check that their goods are in accordance with the recently implemented regulations.

According to the new Energy Efficiency Labelling Regulations (EER), the following types of products are required to prominently identify their level of energy efficiency:

  • Appliances that can either cool or freeze food, such as refrigerators and freezers
  • Air conditioners
  • Washing machines
  • Electric motors
  • Lighting products

VERGER Quality & Standardization L.L.C. was founded in 2020, and it currently operates as an ISO 17065 accredited Conformity Assessment Body, and a SASO notified body in the Middle East and North African region. The Verger Group is the most qualified company to issue SASO Energy Efficiency Rating Certificates for your electrical items, so if you’re looking for a certified SASO Energy Efficiency Rating Certificate Provider, your search ends here!


Understanding Energy Efficiency Ration or Ration

Energy efficiency simply implies “using less energy to offer the same service”. It’s not only about how little energy you can consume; energy efficiency might also mean striking a balance between the amount of energy that’s demanded and the amount that’s supplied. The expansion of energy consumption is something that needs to be managed and controlled by this initiative. The energy efficiency ratio of a building will be much higher than the energy efficiency ratio of a site that doesn’t use as much energy but also doesn’t have a way to generate its own because there are many new techniques and practices available that promote self-sustaining energy creation on sites to neutralise the energy demands of a facility. The energy efficiency ratio of a unit is the ratio of the quantity of cooling energy to the amount of energy that is required to power your unit (measured in watts). The amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit is equal to the amount of energy measured in British thermal units (BTU), which are always used to quantify cooling energy. When referring to air conditioners, this refers to the number of BTUs that the device is able to remove from the air surrounding it, hence reducing the temperature of a room.

Regulations on Energy Efficiency of Labelling

The purpose of this labelling is to provide information to the user so that they may make an informed decision about which electrical appliance will best meet their needs while using the least amount of electricity. The SASO EER system is a labelling system that attempts to educate consumers and provide them with the capacity to compare the efficiency of electrical equipment in terms of energy usage. Following registration, the label will reflect the efficiency of electrical energy consumption at various levels, with the colour green denoting the highest levels of devices that have the highest level of efficiency and the least amount of electrical energy consumed. The consumer is provided with an unobstructed view of the information contained on the energy efficiency card under the manner in which it is affixed to the household electrical appliance in question.

All devices that have published an energy efficiency specification now have an energy efficiency card, which displays the following information on its surface:

  • The Type of Product
  • Specifications and statistics pertaining to the product
  • QR code for the product
  • Trademark
  • Place of origin of the product
  • Model number
  • The quantity of the product purchased annually

Energy efficiency levels are designed in such a way that as the efficiency of the product increases, the level automatically rises to the green state.


SASO EER Certification for Saudi Arabia

In order for home appliances to be manufactured and sold in Saudi Arabia, they are required to fulfil several requirements that are all in some way related to how efficiently they use energy. It is necessary for electrical home equipment such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, electric motors, and lighting to receive energy efficiency approval before they can be successfully shipped through customs.

Under the following terms and circumstances, SASO will provide the interested organisation with a licence to use the label in their products or services:

  • Either the organization must be legally registered in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and granted permission to deal with such activities in accordance with the regulations of Saudi Arabia, or it must register with the Saudi Arabian Standardization Organization (SASO).
  • It is necessary for the product to comply not only with Saudi regulations but also with labelling standards.
  • When The Organization submits its application for the license, it is required to provide certain data that is required by SASO for the item that is the subject of the label.
  • Additionally, The Organization is responsible for paying for and facilitating the process of acquiring a model sample to confirm the product’s compliance with the standards.
  • It is a vow from the facility to send the model to SASO in any of the accessible formats, whether a hard copy or a soft copy. The Organization affirms that the data it has provided to SASO is accurate and fall under its obligation.
  • The Organization is responsible for bearing the cost of submitting the application to SASO.
  • The use of labels is restricted to only those items and models that are specifically outlined in the license, and they are not to be used on any other kind of product or model.

We, the VERGER group, are qualified to manage the application process and offer you the EER label due to our qualifications. Working with us means you’ll have shorter lead times and benefit from our established working relationships with local authorities. Ask us how we can help you obtain the EER label for your electrical household appliances in the most time and cost-effectively possible!

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