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Environment Safety Audit

An environmental audit is a type of evaluation intended to identify environmental compliance and management system implementation gaps, along with related corrective actions.

What is an Environment Compliance Audit?

Environmental compliance (or performance) audits are specifically designed to test compliance (which covers both legal compliance and corporate compliance) to environmental policies, objectives, laws, by-laws, ordinances, regulations and standards. These types of audits will often also include more numerical testing and specific checks on, for example, compliance with requirements in water and air permits and licences.

VERGER environmental audit services mainly cover the following areas:

  • Air emission
  • Wastewater effluent
  • Waste management
  • Environment
  • Soil pollution
  • Raw material and natural resource usage
  • Hazardous and toxic material
  • Impact on wellbeing (e.g., noise, smell, heat, landscape, protection)
  • Utility, energy, and resource
  • Other environmental specific issues on site such as housekeeping, storage, areas, piping


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