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Looking for Fabric Inspection Services?

VERGER Group is an officially NABCB-assessed and ISO-17020 accredited Inspection Body authorized for Fabric Inspection service.

Not able to handle complaints about inadequate quality jeans or scarves? Need help to figure out what went wrong? The answer is the fabric used in the production of the garments needed to be better. If you had appointed a team for fabric inspection, much of your time, energy, and money would have been saved.

Fabric Inspection ensures the quality and durability of the raw materials used in garment production. Our team of inspectors is qualified and professional in handling on-site textile inspection on various kinds of fabric- woven, knit, denim, etc. so that you can be confident about the raw materials used in the production and the final product deliveries. We have served over 1000+ manufacturers, retailers, importers, and textile mills with Fabric Inspection services.

About Textile Inspection

Textile inspection is performed right before the mass production of a garment begins. Quality inspection in the garment industry plays a massive role in detecting fabric defects early, thus minimizing wastage.

Fabric inspection in the garment industry involves examining the fabric rolls for their colour, dye quality, shades, prints, measurements, fabric feel, etc., to detect any defects. Early defect detection helps minimize fabric rejection and enhances the efficiency of the supply chain in producing quality garments.

Raw material inspection in the garment industry helps determine the width of fabric rolls, and then the rolls can be segregated depending on their width. This ensures optimum usage of fabric without any wastage.


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    Why choose Fabric Inspection by VERGER?

    Inspection of garments and fabrics should be at the core of your supply chain strategy to ensure that only high-quality materials and components are used to produce the garments. It is highly vulnerable to human error and quality issues since textiles are labour-intensive and involves many manual processes.

    Since the production factory is often located far from the retail outlets where the products are displayed, testing has become standard in the textile and garment industry. Once the examination is complete, the product receives a guarantee of quality. Quality inspection in the garment industry is crucial to ensure the product is perfect at every step of production.

    Our Approach to Providing Quality Fabric Inspection Services

    • Fabric quality control requires much hands-on knowledge and attention to minute details. VERGER Group’s technical engineers construct a thorough fabric inspection service checklist based on the four-point grading system, your primary concerns, and the specifications for each product. Our inspectors then take several measurements and conduct on-site checks to ensure mass production meets your specified quality standards and meet international rules and safety guidelines.It may be necessary to do some fabric tests in a climate-controlled setting to determine whether they adhere to the requirements of your final product. Our inspectors choose a sample from each batch and send it to a certified laboratory for analysis and test reports.
    • VERGER Group offers a comprehensive approach to conducting textile/fabric inspections. We examine the fabric’s weight, print patterns, the feel of the material, and dye quality and match them against the specified requirements to check for any defects. Our inspector checks if the fabrics are labelled correctly with all the necessary information. Stitches, fasteners, pattern consistency, etc., are all checked to ensure the quality of the material. The apparel inspector notes fabric measurements and weaves appearance to ensure all processes adhere to the applicable norms and laws.

    Various Fabric Inspection Services by VERGER

    Let us look at some fabric inspection options provided by VERGER to its customers-

    Pre-Production Inspection This inspection takes place before mass production begins. Quality control inspection of the raw materials and fabric is done.

    • During Production Inspection

    Samples from the first production run are selected and checked for consistency in the fabric and quality. The supply chain is examined for any breakouts or faults. The production process and the employees are inspected to ensure a qualified and capable supervisor does the manufacturing.


    • Inline Inspection 

    This inspection ensures the quality of the entire production batch by taking random samples of the raw materials and the finished garments. In case of any fallout, we collaborate with the manufacturing team to design and implement a corrective action plan in response to the inspection results.

    • Before delivery Inspection

    A final arbitrary check is done for quality and safety assurance. We supervise the loading process of the garments to ensure complete safety protocols are followed with minimum risks.

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