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Factory Audit Services

The Verger Group provides the best factory audit service all around the globe. We conduct factory audits to ensure that high-risk factories in your supply chain are meeting standard global practices and policies.

What is a Factory Audit?

Technical audits outline the organizational structure of a factory, its production capacity, and quality management system. Production conditions and performance can be assessed thanks to more than 50 criteria, providing factory compliance audit & bsci factory in all around the globe

Benefit from our unbeatable manufacturing audit expertise: -

  • Every one of VERGERs manufacturing audits adheres to the internationally recognised ISO 9000 standards for quality management systems. Whats more, our auditors are all profiled specialists with an impressive level of experience in the field. This means that they have had to undergo rigorous training in order to join our ranks.When conducting a supplier evaluation, one of our expert auditors will comprehensively examine a given suppliers factory facilities and management systems. A standard management audit will include information such as:
    • The factory profiles
    • The condition of factory facilities such as machinery and equipment
    • Organisation charts and workflow information
    • Production capabilities and capacities
    • What kinds of quality assurance systems have been established
    • How products are stored
    • Relevant documents and certificates the supplier may possess
    • Any relevant research and development information


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