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How do I get a SASO IECEE Certificate?

saso iecee certificate

What is a SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate?

The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organisation (SASO) started the Saudi Product Safety Program (SALEEM) to monitor the safety and quality of the products imported to Saudi Arabia. SASO released a list of products that need to adhere to the technical regulations and quality standards set by SASO. To ensure products comply with the quality standards, importers must deliver the SASO Certificate of Conformity upon arriving in Saudi Arabia for smooth customs clearance.

On February 15, 2018, SASO mandated the IECEE Recognition Certificate for a category of household electrical and electronic (EE) products imported to Saudi Arabia. The Certificate testifies against the technical regulations and standards set by IEC. The IECEE Recognition Certificate can replace the Product Certificate of Conformity for specific electrical and electronic products under the SASO technical regulations.

You can check the list of products that require a SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate here.

Facts to Know About SASO IECEE Certificate

Before you start registering your products for an IECEE Recognition Certificate, you must get your facts right!

  • An IECEE Recognition Certificate is valid for 3-5 years.
  • It generally takes 10-15 days for the IECEE Recognition Certificate to get issued after successfully submitting the required documents. 
  • It is possible to certify multiple model numbers of a product under one IECEE Recognition Certificate if they are listed on the same CB test reports and IECEE Certificate
  • An IECEE Recognition Certificate is registered and linked to an importer’s CR number, which is unique to every importer.
  • Some products may require additional documents like CITC Certificate or Energy Efficiency Certificate.

How VERGER Group Can Help You

VERGER Group is an ISO-17065 accredited certification body specializing in testing and factory audits. It is also an official NABCB (National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies and a SASO notified certification body authorized to issue a SASO Certificate of Conformity. We have served 2000+ Importers and made their import journeys to Saudi Arabia seamless. We are also an ISO-17020 accredited Inspection Body and provide various inspection services to our customers.

We can help you get a SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate for your products.

  • Send test reports and other required documents to VERGER.
  • VERGER will review the documents and submit the application.
  • Upon SASO approval, VERGER will issue the IECEE Recognition Certificate for your product.

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