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How to Export to Saudi Arabia From Any Country?

saudi exports

Navigating the world of international trade requires a comprehensive understanding of various regulations and documentation. As the global economy expands, Saudi Arabia emerges as a pivotal player in both imports and exports. Additionally, with Saudi Arabia’s booming market and its dynamic trade landscape, it’s imperative to delve into the essentials of Saudi exports, including the intricate relationship between Saudi Arabia’s imports and exports. In this blog, we will explore the key aspects of exporting to Saudi Arabia, shedding light on many countries’ noteworthy exports to this influential nation. Moreover, countries like China, the United States of America, and even India export to Saudi Arabia. This guide will provide valuable insights for anyone seeking success in the Saudi export market.

What Documents are Required to Export Goods to Saudi Arabia? Are They Mandatory?


This invoice must include HS codes, country of origin, transport details, separate costs for CIF sales, package information, accurate goods description, and the exporter’s legitimate signature. Furthermore, It should be certified by the Chamber of Commerce.

Packing List

Detailing package contents, dimensions, and quantities for Saudi exports.

Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) 

A Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) is a document that certifies that a specific product meets the established standards, regulations, and technical regulations of Saudi Arabia.

Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC)

The Shipment Certificate of Conformity is a document that is used for a shipment to enter Saudi. Without the PCOC, you can’t get SCOC. 

Bill of Lading, or Airway Bill

The Bill of Lading (for sea shipments) or Airway Bill (for air shipments) is a transport document that acknowledges the receipt of goods by the carrier for shipment. 

Marking of Goods

Products must bear a permanent country of origin indication that cannot be removed, done through methods like engraving, sewing, printing, or pressing.

Note: Requirements can change, so verify with official sources before exporting to Saudi Arabia

These documents are mandatory for Saudi Arabia exports.

These export documents, like the Commercial Invoice, SCoC, and PCoC, have been mandatory for years to ensure compliance with Saudi Arabia’s technical regulations. Sending goods without them can lead to rejection. Additionally, exporters often require a conformity body, such as Verger Group, to issue SASO certificates, i.e. PCoC, SCoC, demonstrating compliance with standards for successful Saudi exports.

VEREGR Group is a SASO notified ISO-17020 inspection body and ISO-17065 conformity assessment body. If your product adheres to all the technical regulations for it provided by SASO, VERGER Group can issue your SASO/SABER Certificate very quickly. Reach out to us for more details on it. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Importers and Exporters to Saudi Arabia

Is the SABER Certificate Issued for Exporters?

The SABER Certificate is primarily issued for products intended for sale in the Saudi Arabian market. It is issued for Exporters. It ensures that both local manufacturers and importers comply with safety standards. Moreover, this certificate is essential to demonstrate product adherence to Saudi regulations before distribution or importation.

Is SABER like a Normal Import-Export Certificate?

Absolutely correct. The SABER Certificate serves as an import approval, issued by conformity bodies like VERGER following product testing and factory audits conducted in accordance with SASO standards, ensuring compliance with Saudi regulations for imported goods.

How Long Does it Take to Issue The SABER Certificate?

The issuance time for the SABER Certificate depends on compliance. If documents align with SASO standards, the certificate is issued promptly. If not, product testing and factory audits (if needed) are conducted before certification.

Can An Agent Issue the Certificate?

The SABER/SASO Certificate can only be issued by Conformity bodies accredited by NABCB and approved by the government of Saudi Arabia. 

What are the Fees and Procedures for Obtaining The SABER/SASO Certificate?

The issuance of SABER/SASO certificates can only be done by conformity bodies accredited by NABCB, VERGER Group can help you obtain your SASO/SABER certificate. For more details, reach out to VERGER Group at and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

What if My Goods are Stopped at Saudi Customs After Issuing This Certificate?

If the HS codes recommended by Verger match the exported product, customs issues are unlikely. However, if exporters/importers propose HS codes for the certificate, Verger disclaims responsibility for any customs delays. Moreover, accurate HS code alignment minimizes customs disruptions during the import process.

Are There Any Other Certificates/Documents Required Other Than SASO Certificate for Sending Goods to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, for Saudi exports, the primary requirement is the SASO Certificate issued by conformity bodies registered on the SABER portal. This certificate ensures compliance with Saudi standards. However, depending on the nature of the goods, additional documentation might be needed, such as the Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Packing List, and any industry-specific certifications.

How Long is PCOC/SCOC Certification Valid?

The validity of PCoC (Product Certificate of Conformity) is one year from the date of issuance. Whereas, SCoC (Shipment Certificate of Conformity) certification is valid for the duration of the shipment.

Which Conformity Body Can Issue the SABER Certificate?

The SABER Certificate can be issued by conformity bodies registered on the SABER platform. If you require assistance, you can contact VERGER Group, a reputable organization known for efficient and fast SABER certification processes, ensuring compliance for a smooth export experience.


In conclusion, Saudi exports stand as a testament to the nation’s economic vitality and global trade influence. The intricate dance between Saudi Arabia imports and exports paints a vivid picture of a thriving trade ecosystem. As we’ve explored the essentials of exporting to Saudi Arabia, it’s evident that the country’s exports shape not only its economy but also the global trade landscape. Consequently, through seamless integration with the Saudi Customs system, VERGER enables expedited clearances and ensures compliance adherence in record times. In the dynamic realm of Saudi Customs, VERGER stands poised to drive efficiency, facilitate trade, and streamline operations, marking a transformative chapter in the landscape of trade facilitation.

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