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How to Get a SABER Certificate in India

saber certificate in india

The worldwide trade scene is undergoing quick and dramatic changes, fueled by improved accessibility and reduced customs procedures in numerous countries. The powerful collaboration between India and Saudi Arabia is a notable example of this emerging trade landscape. India’s export prowess, notably to the Saudi market, has been a crucial driver of this trade upswing. As these economic behemoths continue their trade relations, new opportunities for expanding trade initiatives emerge.

The SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization) and SABER (Saudi Product Safety Program) Certificates are unquestionably an important part of this commerce story. These certificates are required while exporting goods from India to Saudi Arabia. These credentials demonstrate both countries’ persistent commitment to upholding high international quality standards, in addition to ensuring safety and quality. This thriving trade partnership promotes not just economic collaboration but also mutual prosperity between the two countries.

In this blog, we’ll see:

  • What is a SASO Certificate?
  • How to Get a SABER Certificate in India?
  • Frequently Asked Questions About SASO Certificate in India
  • Why Choose VERGER

What is a SASO Certificate?

A SASO Certificate is a mandatory certification that checks for a product’s compliance with Saudi Arabian standards. It’s a must-have for products that are being exported to Saudi. This certificate certifies that a product meets all the quality and safety standards according to Saudi standards. As a result of this, consumer satisfaction increases and in turn, it results in strengthening India-Saudi Arabia commercial relations. This certificate is divided into two parts, the Product Certificate of Conformity(PCoC) and the Shipment Certificate of Conformity(SCoC), Both are crucial for shipments to reach Saudi. The SABER Certificate for Saudi Arabia has validity that goes as follows, PCoC is for one year and SCoC is only subject to one shipment.

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How to Get a SABER Certificate in India?

Acquiring a SABER certificate in India involves several steps:

1. Online Registration

Begin by registering as an Importer on the SABER portal. Provide accurate information about your company and designate contact persons for efficient communication throughout the process.

2. Product Details Submission

Input comprehensive details and images of the products you intend to export on the SABER platform. Clearly classify them as Regulated or Non-regulated based on their Harmonized System (HS) code.

3. Product Certificate Application (Regulated Products)

If your products fall under the regulated category, request for a Product Certificate. Choose a certification body as VERGER from the provided options.

4. Conformity Assessment

Collaborate closely with the selected certification body like VERGER to facilitate the Conformity Assessment process. Moreover, ensure your products meet the specified requirements and standards. This stage might involve testing, inspection, and other evaluations.

5. Product Certificate Issuance

Once your products successfully fulfill the requirements, the certification body (VERGER) will issue the Product Certificate. This certificate verifies that your products comply with Saudi Arabian standards and regulations.

6. Shipment Certificate Application (All Products)

Regardless of whether your products are regulated or not, apply for a Shipment Certificate for each export shipment. Furnish detailed information about the shipment, including quantities, invoice details, and barcodes.

7. Conformity Assurance for Regulated Products

For regulated products, SABER will inform the relevant certification body about your shipment. The certification body will conduct further Conformity Assurance activities to ensure the products comply with standards.

8. Shipment Certificate Issuance

Following the certification body’s assessment, the Shipment Certificate will be issued if your products meet the necessary criteria. This certificate acts as proof of compliance for the exported products.

By following these steps meticulously, you can secure a SABER certificate in India, enabling smooth export operations to Saudi Arabia while adhering to their stringent quality and safety standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SASO Certificate in India

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the SASO Certificate in India:

1. Which Products Need an SASO Certificate?

All regulated products exported to Saudi Arabia require a SASO Certificate.

2. What is the Issuing Authority of the SASO Certificate in India?

Certification bodies like VERGER hold the authority to issue the SASO Certificate in India.

3. What is the Benefit of an SASO Certificate?

The advantage of SASO certification is that it ensures product compliance with Saudi Arabian standards.

4. What is the SASO Certification Body?

The SASO certification body is in charge of product evaluation and certification.

5. Who Issues Certificates in India?

Certification bodies like VERGER issue certificates in India.

6. What is the SASO Declaration of Conformity?

A SASO Declaration of Conformity is a document that certifies that a product complies with SASO standards.

Why Choose VERGER

When looking for a Certification Body for your SABER certificate in India, VERGER is the obvious choice. With a proven track record of success, VERGER interacts easily with Saudi Customs, enabling rapid compliance adherence and efficient clearing operations. VERGER assures dependability as a NABCB-accredited and SASO-notified conformity assessment authority. Its alignment with Saudi Arabia’s substantial exports demonstrates its dedication to effective trade facilitation, making it the best partner for getting your SABER certificate.

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