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Need a SASO Certification? Important Things You Should Know

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In a place where the sands of time meet the sands of opportunity, the possibilities are limitless. If you’re an Indian exporter with global expansion dreams, you must’ve thought of expanding your business to Saudi Arabia. While it is perfectly valid to feel so, it is crucial to understand that expanding business to Saudi Arabia demands a systematic and streamlined approach and for this, you need to have a SABER Certificate. In this blog, we will analyze the art of expanding your business into Saudi Arabia, putting forward the lucrative prospects that await those who follow the path diligently. So let’s dive in and follow this journey for business success in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

How to Find an Importer in Saudi Arabia 

  1. Significance of a Reliable Importer 

The Saudi Arabian importer that you find and decide to work with, is going to be the anchor of your Saudi trade. As a result, selecting the correct importer becomes a pivotal decision.  

  1. Methods for Identifying Importers 
  • Networking: Expanding your network is one of the best ways to get in touch with the importers. In addition to that, you can utilize online platforms to connect with them. 
  • Referrals: Ask your fellow exporters or people in the same business for recommendations on importers. 
  • Resource Utilization: Utilize all the available resources, tap into trade associations, and government resources for importer leads.   
  1. Establishing a Deal 

Cracking a deal with an importer is one thing but cracking one with an excellent importer is exceptional work. Always look for an importer who aligns with your vision and values, since this partnership would be strategic. For Indian exporters, Saudi international trade becomes a golden ticket, so choose wisely and build a partnership that will sustain and propel your business forward in the Saudi market. 

Obtaining Required Documents 

Obtaining the required documents correctly. To begin with, a crucial understanding of essential documents is required, only then can this documentation procedure go smoothly.  

  1. Essential Documents 

Firstly, at the forefront stands the SASO/SABER certificate. It’s a document that acts as a golden ticket to the Saudi market. In brief, this certificate is proof that your products meet the SASO guidelines and its safe and secure to be imported into Saudi. 

  1. Process of Obtaining Documents 

This important credential can only be obtained through a complicated but necessary process. To make sure your products match Saudi requirements, you must subject them to thorough testing. Getting involved with a conformity assessment organization like VERGER is frequently a step that is required in this process. VERGER will thoroughly test your goods to make sure they meet the demanding Saudi standards. 

It is crucial to follow Saudi regulations, which cannot be emphasized enough. Failure to comply might result in exorbitant delays, penalties, and even a damaged reputation. To guarantee that your products satisfy the required requirements, it is essential to stay current with Saudi laws, which are always changing. 

Partnering with an Accredited Conformity Body 

VERGER, a trusted certified conformity body and a trusted companion on your journey ensures that your products meet the stringent Saudi guidelines. Once your product meets the guidelines, you get the SASO/SABER certificate.  

But what are these conformity bodies? Accredited conformity bodies like VERGER Group, are SASO-notified certification bodies. These bodies have the authority to grant and assess compliance of imported products with Saudi regulations and issue SASO certificates. They act as impartial judges, ensuring that your goods align with the kingdom’s rigorous quality and safety standards. 

  1. Benefits of Partnership 

The benefits of partnering with such organizations are manifold. Firstly, they possess the technical expertise and experience needed to navigate the complex landscape of Saudi regulations. Their in-depth knowledge ensures that your products are thoroughly inspected and tested, reducing the risk of compliance-related issues. 

Furthermore, conformity bodies like VERGER offer a streamlined process, helping you save time and resources. They act as intermediaries between you, the exporter, and Saudi authorities, ensuring a smoother transition for your products into the Saudi market. 

  1. How to Connect 

Connecting with a conformity body like VERGER is a pivotal step in your export journey. Begin by researching accredited organizations in your industry. Reach out to them to discuss your specific needs and initiate the compliance process. VERGER and similar bodies often provide comprehensive guidance, from document submission to product testing, making the compliance journey more manageable. 

Product Testing at VERGER 

An important step in checking for compliance while exporting goods to Saudi Arabia is sending products to conformity bodies like VERGER. To begin with, assemble and send out samples in accordance with VERGER’s instructions. Then, VERGER will take care of the rest of the product testing. With our assistance, your products will be well-equipped to successfully negotiate the challenging Saudi market. 

Factory Audit 

When dealing with certain product categories, such as electronics or food items, Saudi authorities may mandate a factory audit. This step is designed to ensure that the manufacturing processes align with Saudi standards, an essential element in securing the coveted Saber/Saso certificate. 

Conducting a Factory Audit involves a thorough examination of your production facility. Saudi authorities or accredited conformity bodies, like Verger, will scrutinize your operations to ensure compliance with Saudi regulations. This includes assessing product quality, safety, and adherence to environmental standards. Compliance during this step is not merely recommended; it’s absolutely imperative. Failure to meet Saudi standards during the audit can result in delays, rejections, or even a halt to your export efforts. 

Submitting Reports to VERGER 

Both the test report, confirming product compliance with Saudi standards, and the audit report, if applicable, must be submitted. Timeliness and accuracy are non-negotiable. Missing deadlines or inaccuracies can lead to delays, impacting your journey toward obtaining the coveted SABER/SASO certificate. Therefore, ensure meticulous attention to detail and a proactive approach in submitting these reports to Verger Group to maintain a smooth and efficient export process. 

Obtaining the SABER Certificate 

Obtaining a SASO Certificate is a cakewalk after you’ve adhered to all the requirements and technical regulations of SASO. Once your documents are verified, products are tested, and a factory audit(if applicable) is done, then the whole process of the certificate starts. In fact, only with the SABER/ SASO Certificate, your goods can enter the Saudi Kingdom, or else they can’t. As a result, having the Saber Certificate in hand, also ensures easy customs clearance, minimizes delays, and strengthens your standing as a reliable exporter, thus opening the door for a successful business venture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


In conclusion, a proper strategy is essential for successfully growing your business in Saudi Arabia. This is a very interdependent thing in a lot of aspects, with multiple hands coming into play, and only then can this business flourish. However, you need to acquire an SABER certificate to get your goods into Saudi Arabia. Indian exporters should take advantage of these chances as Saudi Arabia’s economy continues to rise, ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity in this competitive market. 

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