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Our History and Presence

Our History

The dedicated journey of Verger started in the year 2020 with an inspiring vision of the co-founders, Mr. Syed Mohammad Yasir and Mr. Saket Vyas. They utilized their experience, strength, passion, and resources to build and nurture this organization. With 30 years of business expertise and the incredible business mindset of the co-founders, VERGER became a dream come true.

This story first started as a consulting service but then commuted into a Saso certification and inspection service provider. Even though the journey had some hurdles and challenges, it was a fruitful venture alongside a team that is growing and will always continue to grow. Verger has numerous employees around the globe in just two years of establishment. The aim is to make VERGER a future synonym for quality and assurance.

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Our Presence

With 30 years of business expertise and excellence of Mr. Syed Mohammed Yasir and the extraordinary business mindset of Mr. Saket Vyas, VERGER a dream came true.

With the aim to make VERGER a future synonym for quality, it got established in September 2020.

VERGER is an ISO 17065 accredited Conformity Assessment Body, and a SASO notified body in Middle East & North African region with a plan to expand wings to other markets.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, VERGER has its on-ground presence in India, the Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia. Also, in line to soon have a presence in Europe and other parts of East Asia.

Starting the journey with 2 people in September 2020, VERGER has numerous employees around the globe in just two years of establishment.

Why Choose Us

For VERGER, creating and maintaining a vision is just as important for our businesses long-term success as marketing and selling is. Having a defined vision not only motivates us and our employees, but it also helps us stay focused on the goal and work together toward it.

As a growing organization in quality industry, we keep ourselves to the highest standard of professional behaviour. We believe in doing business with honesty, integrity and a sincere heart for others.

The top management and quality department is responsible for implementing procedures governing the ethical behaviour of our employees and consultants. As a responsible organization, to safeguard integrity, confidentiality and impartiality, a Safeguarding Committee has been formed with top notch people from diverse industry and sectors. The committee is responsible for ensuring the business ethics is not compromised at any step and that the work is delivered efficiently.



Our Motto

At VERGER, we believe QUALITY over profit.


Our Vision

To be a global benchmark in the field of Certification, Inspection and Audits, recognized for its technical competence, quality of service, professionalism and fairness.


Our Values

Promote Simplicity
Work with Respect
Be Humble
Take Accountability

Our Partners

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