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Pre-Production Inspections (PPI)

What is Pre-Production Inspection?

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) or Initial Production Check (IPC) is the first and essential step in the manufacturing process. It is vital to ensure that everything from raw materials to the supply chain and everything in between is up to mark and ready for manufacturing. This is where Pre-Production Inspection comes into play.


An initial Production Check is an on-site inspection performed right before manufacturing starts. The assessment is done on the raw materials and the machinery involved in production to ensure consistent quality standards throughout production. It also informs about any red flags and acts as an early-warning signal to mitigate any risks to the quality and safety of the products.


Pre-Production Inspection helps find flaws and risks early in the manufacturing process, giving enough window to the manufacturers for amendments. It also helps in saving costs that could incur due to faulty supply chains or low-grade products. PPI also ensures that the factory is well-equipped and ready for mass production.

Process of Pre-Production Inspection

Pre-production Inspection begins once the importer has decided on its vendor/factory, the purpose of the inspection is identified, and the inspection team has reached the on-site location.


The following steps are conducted in a Pre-Production Inspection-


  • Raw materials are examined for quality and safety standards.
  • Randomly selected raw materials are checked for consistency.
  • Photographs of the production line are taken.
  • A primary production line audit ensures the supply chain is smooth and effective, including production capabilities and a quality control system.
  • All-important pillars of manufacturing – man, material, machine, method, and environment are evaluated.
  • A final inspection report is generated, reporting all the findings and pictures.

Advantages of Pre-Production Inspection

  • Pre-Production Inspection is an essential step in determining how well the supply chain will function and the quality of the products. Here are some of the advantages of an Initial Production Check-
    • Early risk assessment and Prevention
    • Avert additional costs.
    • Makes sure manufacturing begins on time and runs as per schedule.
    • Eliminate communication gaps between the importer and the supplier.
    • Gives a window for amendments in case of faults.
    • Saves extra labour costs.
    • Ensures minimum wastage of raw materials and manufactured products.
    • The supplier doesn’t need to be on-site when the inspection takes place.
    • A complete inspection report with all essential details, findings, and pictures is given.

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