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SASO Certificate Webinar

Saudi Export Unlocked: Dive into SASO and SABER in Our FREE Webinar for Importers and Exporters!

Speaker: Mr. Ahmed Raza
Designation: Technical Director at Verger Group

20-September-2023 - 2:30 pm (GST)


    What are the Takeaways From This Webinar?

    Takeaways Webinar Lists:

    A Comprehensive Understanding of the SASO Saber Certificate
    • This SABER webinar dives deep into the intricacies of the Saber certificate, ensuring you grasp its significance in product certification and compliance.

    Insights into SASO's Role
    • Explore SASO's pivotal role in the certification landscape, helping you comprehend how it impacts your products.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining the Saber Certificate
    • Learn the systematic approach to secure your Saber certificate, breaking down the process into manageable steps.

    Relevance Assessment for Your Products
    • Discover how to assess the relevance of the Saber certificate for your specific products, ensuring compliance and market access.

    Technical Regulations by SASO
    • Gain insights into SASO's technical regulations, equipping you with the knowledge needed for compliance.

    Navigating the SABER Portal
    • Understand the ins and outs of the SABER portal, making the application process smoother and more efficient.

    Prerequisites for SABER Certificate Issuance
    • Learn about the prerequisites required to obtain your Saber certificate, ensuring you meet all the necessary criteria.

    Document Requirements for Successful Application
    • Get a clear understanding of the documentation needed for a successful Saber certificate application, avoiding potential pitfalls.

    Comprehensive Product Knowledge
    • This SASO webinar provides end-to-end product knowledge, empowering you with the information necessary to navigate the SASO certification landscape effectively.


    What is SABER Certificate?

    Requirements of Obtain SABER Certificate:

    The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organisation (SASO) has mandated the SASO Certificate of Conformity, also known as the SABER Certificate, for a category of products imported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This takes center stage in our upcoming SASO

    Webinar / SABER Webinar

    Our Saso Saber webinar has a clear mission: to illuminate the paramount importance of this SASO certificate in facilitating smooth customs clearance for imported products
    SABER/SASO Certificate of Conformity is a legal document issued by a SASO-notified Certification Body for the products imported to Saudi Arabia to ensure seamless customs clearance

    The product ready for import has to successfully pass the Conformity Assessment Procedures set by SASO to receive the SABER Certificate

    It's important to note that the SABER Certificate of Conformity is an amalgamation of both a Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) and a Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC), each having its distinct prerequisites

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    Choose VERGER Group

    Choose VERGER Group as your dependable partner for all of your importing and exporting needs. We deliver comprehensive solutions supported by ISO-17065 and ISO-17020 accreditations by using our considerable expertise, which includes NABCB and SASO accreditation. Our global footprint includes important sites such as Dubai, India, the Netherlands, China, and Egypt, ensuring a unique blend of local knowledge and global reach.

    Our partnerships are built on trust, and our team of highly skilled specialists ensures excellence and expediency in every service we provide. Our ongoing dedication to uncompromising quality enables the delivery of precise and dependable information to enable well-informed judgments.

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    Our Strength

    Fastest Certification

    Fastest Certification Body to Issue Saber Certificate Within Few Hours

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    Trade enthusiasts

    Trade Enthusiasts

    Business owners

    Business Owners



    Global buyers

    Global Buyers

    Logistic engineers

    Logistic Engineers








    Multinational Corporate

    Multinational Corporate

    Nation wide Agents

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    Topics we will cover in this webinar

    Our Services

    • Product Certification
    • Shipment Certification
    • SASO Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)
    • SASO Water Efficiency Label (WEL)
    • SASO Factory Audit
    • Inspection Services
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