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Looking for a SASO Certification in Saudi Arabia?

VERGER Group is a SASO notified body authorized to issue SASO Certification for Products and Shipments reaching Saudi Arabia. SASO Certificate of Conformity is a must for importing consignments to Arabia to ensure its authenticity and quality standards set by Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO). Exporters must deliver a product and a shipment certificate once the consignment reaches Saudi Arabia.

VERGER Group specializes in handling conformity assessment programs and SABER certifications globally. Let us guide you through the process, and We commit to a seamless experience in offering you the SASO Certification for your product.


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    What is the SASO Certificate of Conformity?

    The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) launched the Saudi Product Safety Program called “SALEEM” in 2019. Saleem is an Arabic word synonym for safety. It helps to facilitate and track imports within Saudi Arabia from across the globe for its safety and quality standards. And to ensure the shipments to Saudi Arabia follow the quality and safety standards, exporters must produce a Shipment Certificate of Conformity for smooth customs clearance. A SASO certification is technical proof of your product and shipment authenticity specific to SASO standards.

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    SASO Certificate Saudi Arabia - Requirements

    SASO certification is indispensable for any product allowed in Saudi Arabia. There are some points to remember when planning to apply for and obtain SABER certificates.

    Importers are required to register on the SABER platform.

    Factory audits of SASO-regulated products can be done only by a notified SASO certification body.

    Products under the SASO technical regulations need both Product and Shipment Certificates of Conformity.

    Importers are required to produce self-declaration and shipment SASO certificates for non-regulated products.

    Make sure to have all the necessary documents in place when applying for a SABER Certificate KSA (product and shipment)

    Failure to deliver the shipment certificate upon arrival of the consignment in Saudi Arabia would result in the cancellation of the import, and the consignment will have to be re-exported

    How to get a Saber certificate?

    “SALEEM” is the name of the Saudi Arabian Product Safety Program, administered by the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO). The SALEEM Saudi Arabia program focuses on ensuring the quality of products sold in Saudi Arabia, hence the name. The Arabic word SALEEM means “without risk” or “without danger” to the user, the community, or the environment. SABER Saudi Arabia is an online system used by SALEEM to ensure that all products and shipments comply with the program’s standards. As a platform, SABER facilitates the electronic acquisition of the Certificate of Conformity and Certificate of Shipment Conformity necessary for the entry of imported and domestically manufactured consumer goods into the Saudi market, called the Saber Certification Saudi Arabia. The hub’s purpose is to safeguard businesses against fraudulent activity and guarantee that consumers can buy products without worrying about their well-being. Since January 1, 2019, importers have been required to enter SABER, register the regulated items, and select one of the certifying organizations allowed by SASO to submit a certification request before importing products into the nation. Therefore, SABER offers two distinct certificates to certify products and shipments.

    saso certification

    SASO Shipment Certificate of Conformity 

    Every Saudi Arabia consignment is required to produce a Shipment Certificate of Conformity. A few points to consider are –

    • Every consignment (both regulated and non-regulated) must have a Shipment Certificate of Conformity
    • The SASO shipment certificate is valid per consignment.

    Documents required-

    • Product Certificate of Conformity or self-declaration (in case of non-regulated products)
    • Commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, or airway bill.

    The SASO Shipment Certificate is issued through the SABER platform by an authorized SASO body (for regulated products).

    On July 1, 2020, the SABER platform and FASAH system were linked together for a smoother and faster movement of imports in Saudi Arabia. The integration helps in the automatic verification of shipment certificates. A printed copy of the SASO SABER certificate is not necessary upon arrival.

    SASO Product Certificate of Conformity 

    • SASO has set specific quality checks and standards for products imported to Saudi Arabia. Every product falling under the SASO regulation must pass quality checks to be eligible for a SASO Certificate for the product. A few points to consider for the SABER certificate are –
      • The Product Certificate is applicable for one year.
      • Test report from ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
      • Actual product photos with clear markings, labeling, and packaging.
      • Factory Business License
      • Factory audit to be conducted by SASO notified body only.


      The Product certificate is issued through the SABER platform after test and audit reports are satisfactory and comply with the SASO technical regulation. The generation of the SABER certificate is testimony to the product’s compliance with the SASO guidelines.


    SABER Platform and SABER Certification Saudi Arabia

    The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) developed an online conformity assessment system SABER, back in January 2019. This platform helps importers get their products (regulated by SASO) tested and factory audited by SASO-notified bodies like VERGER Group and receive their SABER certification (product and shipment) online. Importers can also request SABER certificate shipment and a self-declaration for non-regulatory products.


    The SABER platform integrated with the FASAH system on July 1, 2020. That led to automatic shipment certificate verification, and the importer does not need to produce a printed copy of the certificate for custom clearance.

    ISO 17065 Accreditation – Product Certification Body

    ISO-17065 is one of the accreditations given to organizations that guarantee and prove their credibility in issuing certifications for the quality of the products, services, and processes.

    One significant advantage of working with an ISO 17065-accredited body is the increased customer trust and confidence because of its credibility. Accreditation also leads to improved efficiency and productivity in the organization. The accreditation guidelines enhance the data analysis and overall processes of the company.

    Verger Group is an ISO 17065 authorized organization working with several importers to make their exports to Saudi Arabia hassle-free.


    ISO 17020 Accreditation – Inspection Body

    ISO 17020 conformity assessment grants the service companies accreditation once they pass all the set regulatory measures. The evaluation includes different requirements for companies dealing in various services like inspection, risk assessment, and surveys. ISO has categorized companies such as Type A, B, and C. The accreditation given depends on the category a company falls under.

    As an ISO 17020 accredited body, VERGER Group helps inspect products and services on various levels and categories.

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    saso new1

    Below table contains details onSASO approved Technical Regulationssaso-certification-saber.withinVERGERscope

    Technical Regulation Approval Type
    Technical Regulation for Auto Spare Parts*
    Type 1a(Genuine parts)/Type 3
    Technical Regulation for Building Materials-Part 2: Insulationand Cladding Materials
    Type 3
    Technical Regulation for Building Materials-Part 4: Bricks,Tiles, Ceramics, Sanitaryware and Related Products
    Type 3
    M.A. 171-19-06-02
    Technical Regulation for Building Materials-Part 5: Tubes and Pipes used in water, electricity and Gas networks
    Type 3
    Technical Regulation for Lubricant Oils
    Type 3
    Technical Regulation for Electrical Batteries
    Type 3
    M.A. 161-17-07-04
    Technical Regulation for food safety in tools and appliances used in the kitchen
    Type 3
    BD-142004-01 and TC-143307-01
    Gulf Technical Regulation for low voltage Electrical Equipment’s and Appliances
    Type 1a
    Technical Regulation for Telecommunications Devices Type 1a
    Technical Regulation of Textile Products*
    Type 3 (For children products and underwear)
    Technical Regulations for Footwear and their Accessories
    Type 3
    Technical Regulations for Leather Products
    Type 3 (For children under three years)
    Technical Regulations for Machinery Safety – Part 1: Portable and Oriented Machines
    Type 1a

    *Textile Products &Auto Spare Parts are subject to a Categorized Conformity Assessment which enables similar products to be grouped together covered by a single PCoC. This effectively reduces the number of PCoCs required for importing products into Saudi Arabia and streamlines the certification process. Importers can save some SADAD fees by clubbing related items into single category request.

    For a full list of SASO approved Technical Regulations, click here.

    Once the product certificate is issued on the SABER platform changes are not permitted. Any change needed in product certification after issuance is considered as a new certification request.

    New models are allowed to be added in existing product certification after successful verification of model relation with existing certified product, to be strictly same as the certified product type. Product Identity Declaration is needed from Manufacturer for consideration.

    VERGER is a private limited company with two shareholders. VERGER intends to support the certification activities, with revenues generated internally from its certification activities as well as from funds invested by its shareholder, as deemed needed. These funds are adequate to support expenditure in carrying out all the activities related to the certification process.

    The certification will be withdrawn if the certified product is found to be non-conforming with the technical requirements.

    For certification conditions, please refer to VERGER Procedure for Granting, Maintaining,Extending or Reducing Scope, Suspending, Withdrawing or Refusing Certification

    Rights And Obligations of The Client

    Your rights and obligation are mentioned in the Certification Agreement and Technical Regulations. Click Here to download saso-certification-saber. Certification agreement.

    For complaints and appeals, please refer to VERGER Procedure for Complaint and Appeal.

    For details on SASO factory audit, please refer to VERGER Procedure for Factory Audit

    For more details about our evaluation process, please refer to VERGER Procedure for SASO Certification Scheme

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