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Saso Guideline On Storage Water Heaters

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Various updates were implemented in the Saudi Product Safety Program (SALEEM) and SABER platform:

  1. Implementation dates of revised standards for space heaters, storage water heaters, and extension cords:

As per the latest update from the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO), the implementation dates for the standards for storage-type electric heaters (SASO IEC 60335-2-21:2021), electric room heaters (SASO IEC 60335-2-30:2021), and electrical extension cords (SASO 2815:2021) have been updated according to the following timelines:

22nd August 2021:  Date of standards publication

1st March 2023: Final date to approve PCOC according to old standards version

1st June 2023:  Date of implementation at custom ports and local factories

1st August 2024: Date of market surveillance

  • Two new technical regulations were implemented as of 23rd of March 2023:

SASO has published two new technical regulations to be implemented as of 23rd of March 2023 under the Saudi Product Safety Scheme (SALEEM):

  1. Jewelry and ornamental accessories made of metal, plastic, glass, or textile
  2. Pressure vessels and their accessories.

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