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SASO Regulatory Update – August 2023

SASO Regulatory Update

The Scope includes: 

The provisions of this technical regulation shall be applied to all communications and information technology equipment, in accordance with relevant definitions and terms. 

Communications and information technology devices used by the military and security authorities are excluded from this technical regulation. 

The Safety Requirements of the Devices Included in the Scope of This Technical Regulation Must be Adhered to, as follows: 

a) Electrical safety. 

b) Exposure to radiation. 

c) light and laser. 

d) Electromagnetic compatibility 

The Product Must be Accompanied by a Technical File That Includes the Following: 

  • The supplier (manufacturer/supplier) declaration of conformity  
  • Risk assessment document. 
  • A general description of the hardware should include: 
  • uncheckedHow the devices work and the purpose of their use. 
  • uncheckedPhotographs or illustrations showing exterior features, markings, and interior design. 
  • uncheckedSoftware installed or updated on hardware that affects compliance with prerequisites.  
  • uncheckedThat there be information for the user and instructions on how to install it. 
  • uncheckedDevice-supported bandwidths, and the maximum output power per bandwidth. 
  • Hardware-embedded encryption schemes. 
  • There must be design or manufacturing concepts or diagrams of components, sub-assemblies or circuits, and similar related items. 
  • That there be a description or clarifications necessary to understand those drawings or operational diagrams of the devices. 

Manufacturers of Smartphones, Tablets, and Electronic Devices Must Meet the Following Requirements: 

  • At a minimum, the connection port of the device must be USB-TYPE C.  
  • At a minimum, the device must be charged using a USB-TYPE C cable. 
  • If the device can be charged using a wired cable with a voltage higher than 5V, a current higher than 3A, or a power higher than 15W, the device must be compatible with the Full Power Delivery (USB PD) function, regardless of the charging device used. 

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