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Everything about the SABER Platform, SABER Registration, SABER Certificate

Everything about the SABER Platform, SABER Registration, SABER Certificate

SABER platform is an online portal developed by SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) under the program SALEEM to facilitate faster, smoother, and more efficient import/export with a focus on efficiency and quality. Exports to Saudi Arabia have risen significantly in the last decade. New sectors in trade and commerce are evolving, and there is serious traction for imports from various…

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saso certificate

How to get a SASO Certificate of Conformity in India?

What is the SASO Certificate of Conformity The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Standards (SASO) started the Saudi Product Safety Program called “SALEEM” to mitigate any risks and ensure the safety and quality standards of the products imported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A category of products is listed by SASO that fall under its technical regulations. The SASO…

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How To Apply for A SASO Certificate of Conformity?

Do you know how to apply for a SASO Certificate of Conformity? If not, in that case, you've come to the correct spot. When it comes to the importation of commodities, each nation has its own set of laws and regulations that it has enacted to guarantee that requirements such as those about national security, health, and safety are satisfied.…

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What is the difference between CB and CE certification

What is the difference between CB and CE certification?

‍Regarding certifications related to international electrical standards, two of the essential acronyms you need to know are CB and CE. CB stands for Certified Body; CE stands for Conformity Europeans, and French for European Conformity. These two certifications often need clarification from one another, but there are some critical differences between the two.  CB certification is an international certification valid…

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