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Importing Textiles to Saudi Arabia? Important Things You Should Know

Saudi Arabia has made significant progress in granting women a sense of liberty. In recent years, they have eased restrictions for women on travel, holding a passport, and most importantly on clothing. In fact, the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman declared in 2018 that women don’t need to necessarily adhere to wearing an abaya in public. Additionally, this transformation…

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saso certified

Need a SASO Certification? Important Things You Should Know

In a place where the sands of time meet the sands of opportunity, the possibilities are limitless. If you’re an Indian exporter with global expansion dreams, you must’ve thought of expanding your business to Saudi Arabia. While it is perfectly valid to feel so, it is crucial to understand that expanding business to Saudi Arabia demands a systematic and streamlined…

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auto spare parts

What are SASO Technical Regulations for Auto Spare Parts? A Helpful Guide 

Staying ahead of the curve is quintessential in the fast-paced world of the automotive industry. In fact, ensuring that the products satisfy the highest standards of quality and safety is the top priority of exporters to Saudi Arabia. At the same time, car spare parts manufacturers and distributors need to keep a close eye on the constantly changing laws. A…

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saudi export

Planning for Saudi Export? 6 Benefits You Should Know

Due to its large population, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf's largest economy, has a high import demand. The Kingdom is a major producer and exporter of oil and gas. The Saudi export market and business-friendly environment attract companies looking to invest in and expand into new export markets. Foreign firms can acquire complete control of the trading sector. Saudi Arabia, strategically…

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saber certificate in uae

The Importance of SASO UAE Certificate for the UAE-KSA Trade: Simplified

International trade is changing and transforming more quickly than ever. There has been a phenomenal increase recently, all thanks to improved access and some nations streamlining their customs procedures. When it comes to global trade, the partnership between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia (KSA) truly shines. In fact, over the last decade, their non-oil foreign trade has…

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saber certificate

How to Get a SABER Certificate Quickly?

In the realm of global trade and product distribution, ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory standards is paramount. This rings especially true for businesses eyeing entry into the Saudi Arabian market. Furthermore, this is the point where the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) introduced the Saudi Product Safety Program, recognized as SABER. The acquisition of a SABER certificate stands…

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technical regulations

What are the SASO Technical Regulations for Building Materials? A Helpful Guide

Saudi Arabia has taken huge steps on a global scale to set a foothold as one of the leading industrial powerhouses in the logistics sector and the supply chain hub, in line with its large-scale vision to diversify the economy and steer away from oil dependency.  Additionally, the NEOM port will be fully operational by the beginning of 2025. Furthermore,…

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saso certificate

To Know More About SASO Certificate of Conformity – SABER Certificate, PCoC, SCoC, IECEE Recognition Certificate

A SASO Certificate of Conformity, also a SABER certificate, is a mandatory document required to be accompanied by the products imported to Saudi Arabia. Globalization is the biggest reason the import/export sector is experiencing exponential growth, especially in the last two decades. Borders have become blurry, and import/export phenomena have seen evolution, transformation, and change like never before. This has…

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saso certificate

Why must you choose VERGER Group for the SASO Certificate of Conformity?

A SASO Certificate of Conformity is a mandatory conformity certificate for products imported to Saudi Arabia. VERGER Group is an ISO-17065 accredited, NABCB-assessed, and SASO-notified Certification Body authorized to issue a SASO Certificate of Conformity. The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organisation (SASO) have initiated The Saudi Product Quality Program, named SALEEM, to ensure the quality and safety standards of…

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Everything about the SABER Platform, SABER Registration, SABER Certificate

Everything about the SABER Platform, SABER Registration, SABER Certificate

SABER platform is an online portal developed by SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) under the program SALEEM to facilitate faster, smoother, and more efficient import/export with a focus on efficiency and quality. Exports to Saudi Arabia have risen significantly in the last decade. New sectors in trade and commerce are evolving, and there is serious traction for imports from various…

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