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Technical Regulations For Equipment Standby Sleep Mode Requirements Electrical And Electronic Equipment

saso technical regulation

As per the latest news from SASO published on 19th February 2023, SASO is going to release “Technical regulations for equipment standby and sleep mode requirements electrical and electronic Equipment”. 

This regulation is under draft and soon SASO will publish the final version and it will be effective from 07/01/2024

AIM: This regulation aims to rationalize energy consumption in order to preserve resources and the national economy and its gains, by defining the requirements for the standby and sleep modes, and the standby mode in case of connection to the network for the electrical and electronic devices. 

Determine conformity assessment procedures that suppliers must adhere to, in order to ensure higher energy efficiency for these products Preserving the environment. 

This technical regulation applies to the electrical and electronic devices shown below: 

List of covered products and date of application: 

S. No. 
covered products 
coding customs Application date 
1. conditioners 8415 07/01/2024  
2. Clothes dryers 8421 
3. dishwashers 8422 
4. clothes washing machines 8450  
5. microwave 8516 
6. Electric ovens 
7. Televisions and electronic screens 8528 

List of devices excluded from applying standby and sleep requirements: 

The Device The Exception 
Clothes dryers Battery powered devices. 
Devices that can be connected to the mains through an AC adapter/ DC power to be purchased separately 
clothes washing machines 
Televisions and electronic screens Screens whose area is less than or equal to 100 cm2
Display devices (projector) 
Presentation systems for meetings and conferences 
Medical displays 
Virtual reality systems 
Control panels screens 

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