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The Importance of SASO UAE Certificate for the UAE-KSA Trade: Simplified

saber certificate in uae

International trade is changing and transforming more quickly than ever. There has been a phenomenal increase recently, all thanks to improved access and some nations streamlining their customs procedures. When it comes to global trade, the partnership between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia (KSA) truly shines. In fact, over the last decade, their non-oil foreign trade has skyrocketed by a mind-blowing 70 percent, reaching a staggering 136 Billion Dirhams (37 Billion USD) by the close of 2022. The major credit for this boom of trade goes to the export that was done by the UAE to Saudi markets. As goods continue to flow between these two regional powerhouses, the doors for increased trade ventures swing wide open. In this trade dynamic, the term ‘SASO UAE’ assumes utmost significance.

Significantly, a crucial aspect of this trade becomes the SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization) and SABER (Saudi Product Safety Program) Certificates. The SASO SABER Certificates are a mandate while exporting goods to Saudi Arabia from the UAE. These certificates not only ensure safety and quality but also amplify the commitment of both nations to upholding top-notch international quality standards. This flourishing trade is not only a trade partnership but a way for the economic prosperity of both nations.

In this blog, we’ll see:

  • What is a SASO Certificate?
  • How to Get a SASO Certificate in UAE?
  • Frequently Asked Questions About SASO UAE
  • Why Choose VERGER 

What is a SASO Certificate?

A SASO Certificate is an essential component in international trade, holding significant importance for exports to Saudi Arabia. The SASO Certificate signifies adherence to compliance prerequisites in accordance with Saudi Standards. Moreover, it is often referred to as a SABER Certificate. This certificate isn’t just a mere compliance formality; it is a mandate for exporting any product to Saudi Arabia. The certificate consists of two parts: a Product Certificate of Conformity (PCOC) and a Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCOC). In a broader context, a SASO UAE Certificate signifies a commitment to quality and safety standards, thereby fostering consumer confidence. This certification system ensures the dedication of both nations to upholding superior product standards within their trade relationship.

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How to Get a SASO Certificate in UAE?

Obtaining a SASO UAE Certificate involves a structured process:

Step 1: Importer Registration

  • Register as an Importer on the SABER portal.
  • Assign contact officers for communication.

Step 2: Adding Products

  • Add product details and photos on the SABER portal.
  • Classify products as Regulated or Non-regulated based on their HS code.

Step 3: Product Certificate Request and Issuance (Applicable to Regulated Products)

  • For regulated products, request a Product Certificate from a certification body.
  • Choose a certification body from the available options for the relevant Technical Regulation.
  • Coordinate with the chosen certification body for Conformity Assessment activities.
  • Once the product meets requirements, the Product Certificate is issued, even if an equivalent certificate is present.

Step 4: Shipment Certificate Request and Issuance (Applicable to Regulated and Non-regulated Products)

  • Obtain a Shipment Certificate for each shipment, regardless of product type.
  • Include details of products in the shipment, such as quantity, invoice details, and barcodes.
  • For regulated products, SABER notifies the certification body for Conformity Assurance.
  • After certification body assessment, the Shipment Certificate is issued if the product complies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SASO UAE

How Can I Get a SASO Certificate in Dubai?

Follow the SABER portal’s registration process and comply with product classification and certification requirements.

Who Can Issue an SASO Certificate in Dubai?

Authorized certification bodies like VERGER Group can issue SASO Certificates in Dubai.

Who Can Issue the SASO Certificate?

Authorized certification bodies like VERGER Group can issue SASO Certificates.

Do I Need a SASO Certificate?

If you’re exporting regulated products to Saudi Arabia, a SASO Certificate is typically required.

What is the Full Form of the SASO Certificate?

The full form of the SASO Certificate is the “Saudi Arabian Standards Organization Certificate.”

Why Choose VERGER

VERGER stands out as the best option when looking for a Certification Body (CB) to meet your needs. Saudi Arabia’s strong exports demonstrate its thriving economy and ability to compete globally. Because of its seamless integration with the Saudi Customs system, VERGER offers a unique advantage. accelerating clearance processes and ensuring quick compliance adherence as a result. This integration enhances efficiency and fosters transformational improvements in trade facilitation in perfect harmony with the country’s thriving trade ecosystem. Notably, VERGER is a NABCB-accredited conformity assessment body in addition to being a SASO-Notified conformity assessment body, strengthening its dependability. Verger perfectly aligns with the international trade landscape shaped by Saudi Arabia’s exports with its commitment to efficient operations and trade facilitation.

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