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Date – 31 May 2023
Start Time - 2:30 PM

The most in-demand service among Importers/Exporters!

Our speakers:


Mr. Saket Vyas
Co-founder, MD, and COO

nitya 1

Ms. Nitya Balan
Business Development Executive

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    Are you...

    • Tired of receiving low-quality products from your supplier?
    • Cannot visit the on-site plant for product supervision?
    • Not sure if the raw materials used in your products are worth it?
    • Doubtful of your manufacturer’s quality control mechanism?
    • Bearing losses due to high wastage of materials?
    • Losing time, energy, and money in dealing with shipment malfunction of your import/export?
    • Not able to track down your shipment for smooth delivery
    • Losing your mind over delayed production?

    You will learn-
    What is Inspection?

    • Potential risk to quality and safety of products at different levels of manufacturing
    • Different types of Inspections
    • Techniques involved during various on-site inspection
    • Importance of inspection services and their relevance in different areas of businesses
    We will also answer questions at the end of the webinar in a live Q&A session.
    Major takeaways you can expect!
    • In-depth understanding of inspection services
    • Understanding the kind and level of risk to the quality and safety of products during the production run
    • Inspection services relevant to your domain/ business
    • How to figure out the type of inspection service you require for your organization
    • Various types of Inspection services
    • How many times should one opt for a particular inspection service
    • Understanding technical aspects of the inspection
    • Prerequisites to follow before conducting an on-site inspection for your firm
    • Document requirements
    Who can attend?

    Why you must choose Inspection services as an importer/exporter

    Tackling issues with your product’s quality and safety matters can be daunting, especially when you intend to expand your business across verticals and mark your presence globally. As a manufacturer, importer, exporter, or global buyer, your lookout for solid, quality, and safe products is natural.

    There is no doubt that quality comes second to none, so if you have been compromising on the quality of your import/export, it is time you know about Inspection services.

    About VERGER Group

    office dubai

    We are a team of trade enthusiasts and professionals handling import/export processes and providing inspection and audit services to suppliers and manufacturers.

    As a NABCB-assessed and ISO-17020 accredited Inspection Body, we serve clients globally with our inspection service. We are also an ISO-17065 accredited and SASO-notified Certification Body, authorized to issue SASO Certificate of Conformity for products imported to Saudi Arabia. We deliver various services under the inspection and audit domain.

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