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What is a Saber Certificate used for?

What is a Saber Certificate used for

Companies registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) that intend to import goods for commercial or personal use must have a SABER certificate. The SABER portal system is a brand-new importer-based computer system that provides online certification of imports into the country.

The certificate is required for all products seeking entrance into Saudi Arabia, ensuring that the products that cross the border conform to the safety and health guidelines and pose a threat to Saudi citizens.

In the long run, the SABER platform will replace the SASO COC as the only verification method used while moving products through the Saudi Arabian customs system. It is required that a Product COC and a Shipment COC be issued through SABER for any shipments that are going to be brought into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Categories of the SABER portal

Previously, you were only required to register on SABER if transporting controlled cargo. Since SABER has made it essential to register non-regulated products as of the first of January 2021, it follows that all imported cargo should also be registered.

1. Regulated Products 

There are two distinct classifications for these goods: Medium & High-Risk Products are also incorporated in the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) Regulated Products. As part of this initiative, the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) will be responsible for publishing Saudi-specific versions of technical regulations conceptually analogous to those of the European Union (EU), which will require the participation of R-CABs.

If the products fall under the purview of the regulations, the Technical Regulations will detail the appropriate conformity assessment methods.

2. Non-Regulated Products (Low-Risk Products) 

These Non-regulated Products are required to get a Certificate of Conformity for the product itself, any shipments made using the SABER site, and the required participation of R-CABs. Products with a high level of potential danger are required to seek authorization to bear the SASO Quality Mark and are subject to conformity assessment procedures.

Certification of Conformity

Product Certificate: The first thing that needs to be done to use the SABER platform is to register products according to their categorization, which indicates whether or not they are regulated. Following the successful completion of this registration, a product (registration) certificate will be made available to the registrant.


Certification of Shipment: Once the goods have been registered, importers must submit a shipment certificate whenever the product is brought into the kingdom for the first time. The shipment certificate will only be valid for a single import transaction after it has been issued for that import.

What Exactly Is the Saber Certificate Used For? 

The purpose of the SASO/SABER (SALEEM) is to safeguard enterprises against fraud by ensuring that products conform to appropriate standards, with the health and safety of consumers as a primary consideration. 

In Asia and the Middle East, the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) has given Nemko the accreditation necessary to ensure that the regulatory compliances for products imported into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are met. This accreditation allows Nemko to carry out this function.

SALEEM is an upgraded conformity assessment system deployed in 2018 by the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO). This system covers numerous industry sectors, including those electrical and electronic devices. 

To guarantee the high quality and integrity of electrical goods, the SALEEM program emphasized electrical safety characteristics, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and energy efficiency. As part of the initiative, SASO created SABER, a centralized online repository system that allows registering all imported products.

What are the essential facets of the Saber?

Safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and energy efficiency are some of the technical characteristics.

What Products Require A Saber Certificate?

• Refrigerators

• AC

• Freezers

• Electric motors

• Machines for doing laundry

• Products related to lightning

• Heating systems, amongst a lot of other products.

Saber Registration

The operation of the SABER system can be broken down into these three essential stages:

• In the first step, known as “Registration,” the importer creates an account for themselves and supplies specific details about the product, such as its HS number and category.

• Product Certification is the second step, during which the importer applies for product certification and approval. A product certificate is required for all products except for free-trade products. The certificate can be used for a period equal to one year.

• You will need a shipping certificate, also known as a SCoC. This certificate is necessary for every shipment and valid only for the cargo in question. The importer is entirely responsible for applying for SCoC and uploading an invoice.

Where can I find the most recent information on rules and regulations related to SASO?

The following resources will help you stay abreast of the ever-evolving rules and regulations:

1. The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO)

To learn more about the technical norms (standards) that apply to products, services, and instruments in Saudi Arabia, check out the Standards Authority of Saudi Arabia (SASO) website. You can also shop for and use a wide range of online services, including:

Purchasing standards

• The Process of Obtaining a Certificate of Shipment

• Help with Product Conformity and the Saudi Quality Mark License (e.g., Self-declaration via the SASO Saber system).

2. Unified national platform of the Government of Saudi Arabia

All national laws, rules, and policies that could impact your budding business are available on the aforementioned platform.

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3. GCC Standards Organisation

Learn what you need to know about meeting the technical criteria and standards set by the GCC to get the G-Mark (Gulf Conformity Mark). An up-to-date list of TR harmonized standards for compliance with the technical rules is also available. At last, a complete directory of GSO-notified organizations is provided.

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Now that you understand the purpose of the Saber Certificate, please get in touch with us so that we can collaborate with you to ensure that your products adhere to all safety and regulatory guidelines. This will allow your goods to be sold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is home to a rich and diverse cultural heritage.

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