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What is PCoC? How Important Is It for Export to Saudi?


What is PCOC and Why is it Needed?

A Product Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is an essential document that certifies a product’s alignment with established standards and regulations. Serving as compelling evidence of rigorous testing and assessment, the CoC convincingly demonstrates the product’s full compliance with safety, quality, and performance criteria. Additionally, this certificate plays a pivotal role in ensuring regulatory adherence, granting unfettered market access, safeguarding consumer interests, etc. Moreover, by effectively establishing and verifying product quality, the PCoC significantly bolsters trust among stakeholders, facilitates seamless international trade, and ultimately contributes to the elevated reputation of manufacturers and suppliers alike. Consequently, close collaboration with relevant authorities is imperative to ensure accurate and comprehensive documentation of compliance.

What are the Products That Require PCoC?

According to the Technical Regulations, the items referred to as “Regulated Products” require a PCOC in Saudi Arabia. This category encompasses:

  • Textile Products
  • Mechanical Items
  • Electrical and Electronics Products
  • Construction and Building Materials
  • Chemicals

These products are classified as either high-risk or medium-risk under the Product Certification Scheme. Additionally, the level of risk determines whether they might have extra requirements and oversight. To learn more about the technical regulations for each product category, you can find the information here.

What is Supplier Conformity Declaration and for What Products is It Needed?

A supplier or manufacturer provides a Supplier Conformity Declaration, which is a formal statement confirming the compliance of their products with specific regulations, standards, or requirements. In essence, this declaration asserts that their products meet the necessary criteria for safety, quality, and adherence to relevant guidelines. Also, it is often a prerequisite for products before they can be introduced to the market or distributed. A Self-Declaration of Conformity is required for non-regulated products. Moreover, non-regulated products mean products that are not subject to technical regulation and are low-risk.

It is necessary for products such as:

Hammer, Spanner, Screwdrivers, Sockets, Pipe wrench, Measuring Tape, Vernier Caliper, Drill Bit, etc. are just to name a few. 

What are the Documents Required to Issue Supplier Conformity Declaration?

The documents required to issue Supplier Conformity Declaration are:

  • Invoice
  • Packaging Photos

What Documents are Necessary to Issue a Product Certificate of Conformity?

The documents required for issuing a product certificate of conformity are:

  • Product Test Report
  • Factory Audit Report (if applicable)
  • Factory Business License

How Long Does it Take to Issue PCoC?

The time it takes to issue a Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) can vary depending on multiple factors. Product complexity, documentation, certification efficiency, etc. impact the PCOC issuance time. We, at VERGER Group, aim to issue the PCoC within a few hours if the documents align with the relevant standards.

However, in general scenarios, the PCoC issuance process might take a few days (2-4 days). Furthermore, it involves a review of the submitted documents, possibly followed by product testing and assessment to ensure compliance with the required standards. Consequently, if documents are missing or incorrect, or if additional testing is necessary, delays can occur.

Inquiring with the specific certification body that you’re dealing with, will give you a more accurate estimation of the time required for the issuance of PCOC.

How Long Does it Take to Issue SCOC/ Supplier Conformity Declaration?

The time it takes to issue a Supplier Conformity Declaration (SCoC) can vary depending on several factors, including the specific processes and procedures of the organization issuing the declaration. However, where Invoice and Packaging Photos are available, and assuming they contain all the necessary information for the SCoC/Shipment Certificate, the issuance can indeed be relatively quick, often immediately or within a very short timeframe. Moreover, this occurs because the availability of required documentation facilitates the streamlining of the verification process, and if the organization has well-established procedures, it can promptly generate the declaration.

In addition, it’s advisable to inquire with the specific certification agency or body that you’re dealing with to get a more accurate estimate of the time it would take to issue the PCoC for your particular product.

Why Should Any Exporter or Importer Choose Verger?

Exporters and importers stand to gain numerous advantages by selecting VERGER for their certification needs. With 24/7 technical assistance readily available, a dedicated Relationship Manager to oversee all shipment requests, and a commitment to issuing SABER certificates in record time, often within hours, VERGER ensures a seamless and efficient certification process. Moreover, beyond this speed and efficiency, VERGER distinguishes itself by offering additional services. VERGER’s in-house team performs services such as Sample Testing, Factory Audits, and Inspections. Additionally, this comprehensive approach guarantees not only compliance but also the highest level of product quality. In essence, renowned worldwide for its expertise, VERGER offers exporters and importers the assurance of partnering with a reputable industry leader, solidifying their reputation for excellence across the globe.

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