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What is SASO Quality Mark

saudi quality mark

The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization is the owner of the Saudi Quality Mark (SQM), which is also known as a conformance mark (SASO).

It is awarded to products that were produced in a facility that possesses a Management System that is robust and effective in order to guarantee continual compliance with Saudi Standards. Contact With Expert Verger Group Government Approved ISO 17065 Accredited Conformity Assessment Body

Before being allowed to be exported to the Saudi market, the following goods are required to have the SQM, as per a mandate issued by SASO:

  • Sets of Power Extender Extension Cords.
  • Appliances that run on gas and their accessories.
  • Reinforcement using Cement for Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles Iron & Steel Rods.
  • Plates made of Iron and Steel.
  • Aluminum Composite Panels.

Implementation of SASO Quality Mark

Beginning in February 2021, the Saudi Quality Mark will also be required to be affixed on stand-alone plugs, socket outlets, and switches.

If the items being exported fall under the jurisdiction of the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization’s (SASO) Technical Regulations, then both the Shipment Certificate and the Product Certificate must be included in each package destined for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These certificates provide evidence that the necessary technical requirements and standards have been met and complied with. The Saudi Arabian Standardization Organization (SASO) has introduced SABER, an electronic conformity assessment platform, in connection with the launch of the Saudi Product Safety Program (SALEEM).

SASO highly recommends that the Trade utilize this portal in order to apply for and receive a Product Certificate and a Shipment Certificate for products subject to SASO Technical Regulations. In addition, it is strongly suggested that the Trade submit a request for, and acquire, both a Self Declaration and a Shipment Certificate for items that are not controlled by any SASO Technical Regulation.  

Verger offers its customers a wide range of services that are all geared toward assisting them in satisfying the prerequisites that are defined in the Saudi Technical Regulations in addition to the Saudi Standards.

Benefits Of Getting The Quality Mark

  • It promotes the ongoing development and enhancement of the product by adhering to contemporary scientific practices, which in turn improve the product and enhance its competitiveness in worldwide markets.
  • Establishments benefit from an improvement in their reputation and name on a local, regional, and international level as a result of this.
  • It makes the process of bringing merchandise through customs ports easier.
  • The process of exporting the products that carry it is simplified as a result.
  • It leads to a rise in a retailer’s sales.
  • It is a method of building conventional trade infrastructures, which makes it easier to sign export contracts with foreign nations.
  • Establishments that have achieved this qualify for both national and international quality awards.
  • It boosts the competitiveness of Saudi goods on both the domestic and international markets and expands Saudi exports.
  • The Quality Mark is an essential tool for directing customers toward goods that meet Saudi Arabia’s requirements and specifications.
  • Products that have earned the Quality Mark have earned the satisfaction and trust of


When did SQM become mandatory?

The SQM became mandatory for power strip items in August 2020, while it became obligatory for sockets in February 2021. Both of these dates refer to the future. Because of this, producers must submit an application for SQM certification for these goods as quickly as they can; if they do not, they will be unable to sell extension sockets and switches in Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, purchasers of extension sockets and other wire accessories are required to locate manufacturers who have SQM certification as quickly as feasible and begin working with them.

Saudi Quality Mark License Requirements

1) The product must be in compliance with Saudi Arabian technical regulations that are applicable.

2) In order for the facility to use the quality mark on products for each category of commodity, it is necessary for the facility to implement a quality assurance system that is compliant with the technical regulations that are related to the rules for the granting of the license.

3) The facility needs to affirm that it will adhere to the technical requirements before receiving the quality mark.

Why Verger Group?

VERGER is an ISO 17065 recognized Conformity Assessment Body and SASO registered body in the Middle East & North African region, and the company has plans to stretch its wings to other sectors as well. VERGER is truly a government-approved, ISO 17065-recognized Conformity Assessment Body, and the company also offers inspection services across the globe.

In the sphere of SASO audit, our services are recognized all over the world, considered authoritative, and serve as a benchmark.

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