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What is the cost of Saber Certificate?

What is the cost of Saber Certificate 1

In 2019, as part of the ongoing efforts of SASO to work following the objectives of the kingdom vision 2030 and as a component of the SALEEM program, which was initiated to guarantee a superior level of both product quality and safety, Saber was formed.

Saber is an electronic platform designed by SASO to provide beneficiaries with unique electronic access to carry out the following three primary procedures:

  1. The process of registering products (both locally manufactured and imported).
  2. Submitting an application for the necessary certificates for imported goods to be sold in the Saudi market.
  3. Specifying the bodies that have been granted approval by SASO and selecting one of those bodies to issue the certificate.

The most notable advantage of switching to Saber was that importers could finish the necessary conformity evaluation in the country of origin using a third party (SASO certified entities) and electronically issue the certifications before the shipment arrived at the Saudi ports.

This permits a rapid and uncomplicated approval process at Saudi ports, as the essential certificates have already been given. These certificates guarantee that the goods comply with the appropriate technical laws and conform to standards.

Registration and Processing System of Saber

1.  Make an account for yourself on Saber.

2.  Make sure to register your shipments with the appropriate HS code (Find the appropriate HS code for each of your imported items, and then register them).

3. Apply for a certificate of conformity for the product (PCOC)

Finish up all your technical files, then use the saber system to get those documents to the appropriate notified body.

4. Fill out the paperwork to get your package certified (SCOC)

You should then perform a thorough examination of the business invoice and apply for a saber certificate (SCOC) to gain access to the Saudi market via the customs authorities


Certification of Conformity for the Product (PCoC)

As a result of SASO publishing a list of the technical regulations that cover products that require conformity assessment and issuing the product certificate, the PCoC is required for imported regulated products following technical regulations. This is the case for products that are governed by technical regulations.

To carry out the conformity evaluation and provide the certificate, the importer is responsible for selecting, through Saber, a body that has been approved by SASO certification organization.

Certificate of Self-Declaration (Self-Declaration)

The self-Declaration is necessary for any products that are not subject to any technical restriction and are non-regulated, regardless of whether they are manufactured locally or imported.

The importer’s manufacturer is the one who submits the application to obtain it through Saber and is the one who is responsible for ensuring that the product complies with Saudi regulations.

Certificate of Authenticity and Conformity for Shipments (SCoC)

The submission of the SCoC is necessary for all imported products, regulated and unregulated alike, to finish the clearing process.

It is only possible to issue it after the product certificate has been granted in the case of regulated imported items. It is only possible to issue it after the Self-Declaration has been issued in the case of non-regulated imported products.

Who Is Eligible to Submit an Application for Saber Certificates?

Because registering for a Saber account is required before any certificate can be issued, the only entities eligible to have a Saber account and subsequently apply for certificates are importers and local producers with a Saudi commercial registration.

The Verger Group guarantees an expert service to carry out the conformity assessment and provide the certificate, in addition to our further services in the many certificates required to enter the Saudi and Gulf markets.

What Are The Costs Associated With Obtaining a Certificate Of Conformity?

The cost to register conformance certifications through the platform Saber is 500 Saudi Riyals (SR) for each certificate, except certificates equivalent to those given by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), which are free to register. It is important to note that once the fees for a certificate of conformity have been paid, they cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances.

The cost to register conformance certifications through the platform is 500 Saudi Riyals (SR) for each certificate, except for certificates equivalent to those given by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), which are free to register.

Let The Verger Group Lend a Helping Hand

To be known as having the highest level of technical expertise, quality of service, professionalism, and fairness in certification, inspection, and auditing worldwide. Our goal is to become a global benchmark in this industry.

The Verger Group is a certified organization and deals with all things SASO. Our expert services in the SASO certification and Saber domain ensure the quality and reliability of products for sale in Saudi Arabia by ensuring they meet the requirements of the relevant Technical Regulations.

Only an Approved Inspection Body, like The Verger Group, can be reliable enough to help you through this multi-cyclic process of obtaining your certificate of conformity, so make sure you contact us immediately!

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