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Who May Use the Saudi Arabian Certificate of Conformity

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has laws and regulations that must be adhered to by domestic producers interested in selling their items within the confines of the Arabian country. You must follow these rules and regulations.

One of these standards is represented here by the Certificate of Conformity, an example (CoC). A certificate of conformity, often known as a CoC, indicates that the product complies with the regulations and statutes applicable to the geographic region.

That means that the only products authorized for sale or usage within the nation are those tested to ensure that they follow these regulations. Many countries worldwide have their version of a certificate of conformity (CoC). Still, the standards or requirements to receive one vary significantly from one nation to the next. 

If you are considering selling your product in Saudi Arabia and want to know if it is possible, read this article since it will explain what a Certificate of Conformity is and who is qualified to utilize it.

What exactly does SASO issue a certificate?

The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) requires a two-stage certification process for any product exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That is done to protect businesses from forgery and to ensure that goods are free from flaws that could affect the health and safety of consumers.

● Certification of Conformity for the Product (PCOC)

● Certificate of Authenticity and Conformity for Shipments (SCOC)

To Export to Saudi Arabia, Do I Need to Have Some Certificate?

We will first walk you through some helpful information that will assist you in acquiring a SASO Certificate, which is required if you plan to import products into Saudi Arabia. This information will help you navigate importing goods into Saudi Arabia.

Every nation has laws and rules in place to make sure that the products that are imported satisfy a specific level of quality. Standards for national security, quality, health, environmental, and safety accountability, as well as social responsibility, are included in these standards. 

However, some nations need the requisite infrastructure to conduct the necessary testing and inspection of imported goods upon arrival in the government to ensure that the commodities conform to these rules.

On SABER, a Product Certificate of Conformity (Product CoC) must be issued for any items that comply with the necessary Technical Regulations. This requirement applies to all products (Refer to Schedule of Enforcements of Technical Regulations on SABER).

Other items not covered by the obligatory Technical Regulations are also required to be registered by the Applicant on SABER using a self-declaration of conformity. That is a requirement (S-DoC).

It should be noted that items in the categories of food, cosmetics and perfumery, and tobacco are governed by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) regulations. As a result, they are not included in the Saudi Product Safety Program. These products are required to comply with the certification standards established by the SFDA.

Obtaining a Certificate of Conformity from SASO

When planning to export goods to Saudi Arabia, it is essential to prepare ahead because acquiring a SASO CoC can take up to a month or even longer, so it is best to start early. The following must be met to purchase this document from independent agencies as a prerequisite:

● A commercial invoice signed and stamped, printed on letterhead paper with the company’s logo, and stamped by the chamber of commerce in your area.

● A certificate of origin obtained through your community’s chamber of commerce (to ensure the country of origin of the goods you wish to export).

As soon as this documentation has been delivered to the agency, they will let you know what kinds of tests and inspections will be necessary. If you export products to Saudi Arabia regularly, consider licensing your products with the agency to speed up the process of testing and inspecting them before they are shipped.

For instance, the government agency might only need to inspect products from one of every five shipments you send.

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On the official website of the Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO), you might discover some information that can be of service to you regarding the Certificates of Conformance Regulation and the procedures for providing certificates of conformity for items that are being imported into Saudi Arabia.

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